concept is a subdivision of the demogroup neuro.
concept focusses on the creation of so-called wild-demos. usually, these are videos. if you are totally confused now ("what the hell is a demo?!"), you can get further information here.

furthermore we intend to found our work on ideas - concepts somehow; such come periodically, and you can be sure there will be another release after some time - but we really can't say what it is gonna be like. aspects like "people could like it, so let's do it" don't count much for us, and we don't use main concepts behind a release twice.

our latest release, Fear of Redemption at evoke 2002 was a great success. it got 1st, and we plan to create a "making of"-video, featuring views behind the scenes, realtime comments by all actors, outtakes, used fakes ;) and a special view at the errors we did not recognize - or just found funny - during the recordings and those that are still in the movie. further details

Fear of Redemption at pouet

Fear of Redemption at the tv-show GIGA