Fear of Redemption - the motion picture

has been released at evoke 2002 and got placed 1st.

download Fear of Redemption (mpg, 450MB, high quality)
download Fear of Redemption (divx 5.02, 112MB, thanks to Weasel/Padua/Hit for encoding)
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The Story

On a summers day midday, the sun burning from the sky, The Good Girl (played by shorty, as seen in the famous movie "andruschka") watches TV inside the cool living room. After a while, she gets sick of watching tv - the batteries of the remote control mysteriously got low - and she has to switch it off herself (which means a lot of trouble, cause you have to get up to do so ;).
Due to a bug in the power circuits of the TV-device, that doesn't turn out to work very well - finally, The Good Girl has to pull the power connector.

A more attractive alternative to watching TV, so she thinks after another short interruption, is reading a good book: Reading "Stimmen der Angst" catapults her into a roller-coaster of psychotic haluzinations of spooky-scary things beeing not there at all, followed by FEAR becoming reality, mainfested in the malicious statue of the unholy "God of the Unbeing" (played by Azrael aka Sebek), a Zombie-creature out of your worst nightmare stepping out of the TV and eager to taste the Good Girls blood and tear her apart before she can say "Brummmuffeltufte".

The Zombie himself is an old, british lord from the 16th century, by pure bloodlust he killed his wife with a spoon and threw his 23 children down an endless staircase. Afterwards, he has been hanged, and was supposed to be dead. Now, he is back.

By the mobilisation of all her power, The Good Girl escapes - first - and a hunt through the shadows of a 1000 years old forest begins...

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The Facts

Overall intensive working time: 2 weeks
Rendertime without special fx: 8 hours
Synthetic blood used: 5 litres
Size of (uncut) footage: 3 dv-tapes, thats about 3 hours
Sequences used (after cut): about 250 avi clips
Music: 41 MIDI-tracks, 10 VSTi-tracks, 16 audio-tracks in 4 mixing-groups, directly composed onto the video
Number-of-shirts-which-became-unusable: 5
Budged: 50 EURO

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  • making of video

Early trailers:

however, the zoom and the eye effect became better in the final production.

electrocution, blood, passer-by-frightened-people

A short look at the backgrounds

First, the idea was to create a psycho-horror clip, playing with the subconscious fear of technology and electricity. When shorty joined neuro.concept, the direction changed to a splatter-horror-movie, although the old concept can still be recognized in the production (for example, the lamp starting to move without power, followed by a "nothing happened"-effect when The Good Girl startled realizes "something moved"). Sebek (he really looks like a zombie, eh? ;) completed our filmcrew...

We began to write ideas down, started writing the script and inventing a story. The living room part was no problem, but it was not the perfect environment for more bloody- and haunting-through-a-forest-parts. so, why not use a real forest?

shorty examining a piece of wood
at this point, shorty and jco took a look at a forest, and found several locations that could be interesting for the plot. actually, there are 2 different forests used in the film; the second one got this scary rock and was perfect for the last part because of it's extreme ground-displacement-mapping (running up and down and so on).

the blood-pump filled with blue. later, that will be red.
At the same day, we bought a special blood-pump in a do-it-yourself store. it did the job very well :)

even more forest examining
We completed the script and began to create an video-in-video with several sceenish video-clips. The Good Girl watches it in the beginning of the movie. Yes, she really watched it: The original was faked on the captured footage to make it more viewable. (ever filmed a tv screen? even if it's in sync, the colors are distorted - if you white-balance on it, everything else is wrong.).

before - after
Okay, break here for now.
more coming soon - or never, since there is a making of video now ;)